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Home Sweet Home


Firstly, I realise it has been many months since my last blog post, so a thousand apologies. I've recently returned from a short trip to Malaysia so I will have more photos and stories soon.

For now, I leave you with some good news. One of my macro photos has been selected as a Top 100 Finalist in the 2019 Close-up Photographer of the Year competition. The photo below, aptly named Home Sweet Home, is one of my favourite photos from a previous trip to Malaysia.

I was visiting family in a small town in Malaysia called Taiping, and my father’s house is close to a small jungle area. Every day I would wander around his garden with my camera, looking closely at the leaves and flowers. It was very hot and humid, and rained every afternoon without fail. I found that the best time to look for insects and spiders was in the mornings and late afternoon after the rain. The humidity was problem though, because it caused condensation in the lens and some days, barely half an hour goes by before I would have to stop because of the condensation. But my patience was rewarded one day when I found this this very colourful jumping spider in a patch of ginger plants; it had caught a fly for dinner. The next morning, I visited the same patch of plants and I saw that it had built a little nest for itself. However, it never went back to its nest that day. But on the third morning I found it inside its nest and managed to capture a photo of it in its nest with my camera.

Please feel free to browse my gallery for other macro photos taken on last year's Malaysia trip. If you like my photos and would like to hear more of my photography adventures, please subscribe to my blog and check out my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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